Senin, 28 Desember 2015

Farm House

 Place :
Before we came here we went to Natural resto, the food called Nasi Liwet Strawberry so recommended!!!  Specially the Sambal! I wish i can eat that Sambal everyday.
 and this place the newest resort in Lembang, the design smiliar like in Netherland, oh yeah that is my fav country.
and for the bonus they made one of Hobbit House, but u need to Eque looooong to take pict at there, and i wont do that.
and for the free milk, it is so fresh

Fashion :
For this hat i was finding everywhere in Indonesia, cz the last time i seen in Bangkok but i bought different hat, thanks God i got this one wif really low price but good quality, proud to Indonesian brand!
And for the clothe this is the first time i wear my work, yeah i design it and i cut it and of course i sew it also. Thanks God for my new skill. Anw before this piece i already made several clothe, i wish ill have time to post it to you.
And for the shoe i bought at Urbrand Project market, but the quality isnt worth it wif the price.

My life :
And now i wish my new design can be accepted in a most famous fashion online platform . and then i wish i can get new job outside Indonesia wif giant salary, hahaha please say Amin for me.


thanks to @izzypramuditos