Kamis, 26 November 2015

After Jogja Fashion Week 2015

Dear some Fellas, if you following my instagram im sure u know im participated on Jogja Fashion Week 2015.
i posted a lot of fashion show nite on my instagram but after that i deleted it... why? bcz too many post on my IG so i was thinking to separating which long last post and just for temporary.
and after of bazaar week, the last day in city before we going back to Bandung... friend of friend guide us to some beautiful places in Jogja. so big thanks to Ifa, Afi and Boy.

all of this picts taken by Oppo camera. and its not mine.

its really problem for me, cz i bought professional lens for my dslr camera... but when im travelling i always vacay wif different friend and most of them dunnow how to use my camera... and the result always blur, black or shaking (even i do setting before it).
as long as my life just one friend who really understand my camera, her name is Gina Salsabilla (a classmate in Uni)
but sure i cant bring her to every where i go, cz im not an actress can hire people into my life.

i really want to bring my camera to every where i go, but it will be useless if without good photo taker. so when i go to some where new, ill check that my friend in trip is good photo taker or not. like in Jogja i didnt bring it on.

and for the last, if you asking Jogja Fashion Week recommended to join or not?
honestly from the deep of my heart i will say no.
cause the market its no special about 'fashion' but in the same venue also having local tourism booth who handling by each local goverment and lot of booth selling product that we can found at nite market.
me and a designer from Jakarta when we had chitchat, we really felt upset...
how can the commitee handling this bazaar? its so worst!

and for the customer, really not understand the market... they said "oh this is from Bandung and Jakarta? the price must be lower than in Jogja".
as designer or artist we really feel hurt... cz they dont see; brand, art, quality, material, and never know the process.
they just thinkin its a clothe that they see at traditional market.

and everyday there is no steering committee come to our booth to asking about how much income we got,
and its really shocking me, cz i was there on the last nite fashion show, i mean on the closing nite event... one of the committee said on the stage "the total of the transaction for bazaar is more that 1,1billion rupiah". (and people clapping) zzzz
i can say its totally lie! cause; the bazaar never full house,  lot of empty booth, too much school's booth or tourism booth than fashion booth it self, and lot of booth already closed on the 2nd or 3rd day cz no buyer come!

so for the committe stop to do lie. before this event happened you said there is will be big media like Fashion TV and Gramedia Group. and big designer like Jenahara will participated. and etc.
but the fact is totally what you said it is bullshit! really dissapointed... even i want you give back my money, cause this event made me bankrut!

taman sari

original face

pantai parangtitis?

i love pasir gumok

Jumat, 13 November 2015

Tebing Keraton

for this month until december i start to living in my passion, i go to sewing class. i got invitation to my brand go to another city. i got call from garment factory. this is my dream, and when i start to building up, i must learn from zero cause my education's background never match wif my passion... and now i started feelin dizzy, but its fine cz i entuasiastic wif this, wish me can earn lot of money from this passion.

and from the story of this post i got my old idea comeback! to join Ring of Fire team from MetroTV but unfortunately they not continue their journey, dear Mr.Youk Tanzil i hope you gimme chance to join your team... i need those challenge, my blood running fast when i watch your journey, my bones screaming! "go join! go bike! go travelling far!!!" 

oh yeah this pict from Sjcam , and its not mine. honestly in that time i bought my dslr cam but i forget bring the sdcard. but thanks to my friend, cz she allowed me to used her. 

if you want to come here make sure u have good skill of driving. and if u r wif car, make sure the minimum of the machine is 4x4. if not, its difficult for you or maybe dangerous.

Rabu, 11 November 2015


hai Lovers!!!! thanks to send your pray to me, finally the hardest part in this year passed! yeahhhh on 4th November 2015 i did my graduation ceremonial.
if you followin my instagram, u r must be the one of people who knows my process until i got this perfect day.
oh yeah its not perfect day, why? bcz some of my friend came to that day to said greatings for my graduation day, but badly my ipad isnt connected to internet, so when they asked where im (to meet up after ceremonial) i didnt get their chat. and cause too many people in that day, we are also not passed each other. but even we didnt metup, i know all of u love me from ur deepest heart. thank you so much!!!!! 

Allhamdulillah hirobbil alamin 

im number 7. as my number!