Minggu, 11 Oktober 2015

Misi kecil tentang budaya Indonesia

You never know how many video that i want to edit, but how hate i editing video.
For video like this just need cut and paste. But i spent a whole day to making this video, and the total is just 02.51 minute. Crazy right?
Yeah my laptop gettin old. if over heat the screen will presto turn off! Thanks God the program has autosaved.

Yeah my EP Manager demand me to made a video about my exchange, if not he will not gimme my certificate.

Okay after i edited this video my laptop cant connect to wifi, but my ipad can. See? This laptop need pension. So you must  go shopping at @aai_official . your dedication can make me buy new iMac.

Love to all Polish in the world~~~

Jumat, 02 Oktober 2015

I Hate You!!! yes you Dysmenorrhea!!!

Hai!yesterday (1st October) is my Dad’s brithday, and yesterday i made (oh no! i got) a bit big step for my graduation procedure. Keep me in your Dua, otherwise just cross your finger for my graduation process.

Today i went to Floating Market in Lembang. But badly, during my breakfast, presto i got dysmenorrhea!!! It was feel so bad!!! I almost cry, and i pending my breakfast for one hour, cz i cant control this hurt feelin!!!
But im already here, impossible i cancle my photoshoot session.
So i kept do it in my worst feelin. Hoaaaah God bless all womans in the world!

And cz im feelin hurtin, i forget to take off my glasses on my head and my friend also not remind me(bad girl! LOL). Yeah i need lens cause my eye is -2,5 and i cant retake all pose cause i just want to go  home soon, i start feelin week cause this dysmenorrhea.
And the last session my friend’s camera got eror!!! All pict gettin yellow -__- but thanks God i alredy got some nice picture (yeayyyyyyyy!

Im happy my face already like this, so when im feelin hurt like this i didnt show you those hurt feelin! HAHAHAHHA

In this place lot of International tourist so if youwant to take many picts please come early in the morning. Cause start from lunch time gonna be crowded.
All the food is 99% Indonesian taste, belongs to culinairy lovers!
Recommended place!


it was because the flash camera!!!!

eror cameran make evening come sooner!!!