Minggu, 13 September 2015

Bandung Air Show 2015

I hope all of you miss me! (If you remember when is my last time did photo shoot).

How are you?
 And how about me?
Im good, or super good.

When i believe God’s plan somuch better than my plan, it made me feel so much better.
Yeah im typical of perfectionist planner for my life, so i cant accept if my goal missed after i did my hard work.
Ouwh i supposed to do my thesis defence this week. But because some factors i must pending until next month, please pray for me for this thing going fast and smooth! I really want to gradute from my University, so i can do lot of new things for ‘my life’.

So this month im gonna focus for my clothing line, and then next month will so busy to focus on my minithesis defence. Cant wait to graduating!!!!!

This pict took at Airport in Bandung. How can i got this admission?
Of course everybody can got here! Bcz it was a special day to visiting.
But i didnt took lot of pict at airplane on the show cause it was too many people!
So after survive to took pict wif this helicopter. We went to another place near exhibition place to took another photoshoot, cause if there is no people will be good for me to do action hahaha.

Oh yeah this is im wearing one of my design and pairing wif Dian Pelangi’s pants.

Go get this collection on instagram @aai_official