Minggu, 30 November 2014


Damn God! I hate this things, i feel  that i lost my ‘soul’ there is lot of things that i should to do, but i did nothing to solve it. i still loving my passion world, but i just cant do that for unreasonable hell. I was pray to God “please gimme ‘something’ like sun into my life”. Really im not the busy girl like before anymore, although people still seeing  the “busy stamp” on my face. I really bored at my room, but its too lazy to going outside, you see? How worst my life! How can the hole shit come so presto and keep staying

And for my mini thesis, i really want to finish its soon in one second, that its not something difficult thing, but i just dont like to see and touch my minithesis , so how can i make it? I even told to my friend ill pay someone else to do my mini thesis until finish i dont care how much money ill pay to them. (what the hole shit im talking about).

Do you have been watch “haji backpacker” or read “trinity book 1year trip round the world”

Ist i should do the things like them? I really cant found my ‘sun’ from  inside my self.

And for someone that i met on 2011, i just knew that i was your ‘new hope’ in your life at that time. Sorry to broke it down, im really sorry.... if God bring me back to that time anymore, i promise i will not to did the same things. Gimme that chance, you know where i’m.



Senin, 24 November 2014


Beberapa bulan belakangan ini gw merasa hidup gw hampa, yang ada didalam prasangka gw marah – marah terus sama Tuhan. Semuanya jadi serba salah. Padahal secara logika gw sadar kalau hidup gw itu bersyukur banget kalau dibandingin orang yang ada disekitar gw.

Sampe akhirnya waktu itu didalam mobil, perjalanan menuju suatu mall untuk ketemu client...
Akhirnya Tuhan membukakan hati saya, Tuhan menegur saya dengan cara mengingatkan kalau saya bukan siapa-siapa, jadi tidak sepantasnya saya seangkuh ini terhadap dunia. Jadi saya teringat segala kejadian yang saya dapatkan dimasa lalu.
Dan didetik yang sama juga saya langsung memohon tobat dari dalam hati saya yang terdalam.
Dan tau dalam waktu dekat Tuhan memberikan apa kepada saya?
Akkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i cant belive that ill make my first step at EUROPE LAND!
I cry from the deep of my heart!
Please someone kick me! Ist im in dream?

Yeahhhhhhhhhhh i was felt so stupid person in the world! I got rejected from Slovakia, two Poland, two Romania. And finally a beautiful soul from Romania accepted me!

Inshallah ill fly to Romania on 3rd Januari 2015
Dan didetik itu juga gw sadar, kalau selama ini penolakan yg gw dpt itu karena seakan salah hati gw yang sedang menyimpan batu2 keangkuhan, dan ketika gw tobat dan mendapat berita penerimaan ini, disaat itu juga iman gw semakin menebal kembali kalau Allah maha mendengar segala prasangka umatnya juga, dan gw juga merasa kalau Allah memberikan penerimaan atas tobat gw dengan cara memberitahukannya melalui ROMANIA CALLING ini! Gilak yaaa, betapa besarnya dosa gw walau hanya melalui prasangka doank, semoga segala persiapan lancar deh... ga sabar kan pengen liat Romania kayak apa? Tunggu di blog gw ya! Dan mohon doa restunya jugaaaaaaaaa. Kiss kiss with my heart! oh ya yang paling penting gw berdoa kalau iman gw ga naik turun lagi, tapi makin tebel, amin!
“ketika aku mencari kebenaran ternyata keberan itu ada didalam agama”, Dik Doank. 


If you have pretty soul, God will bring you to nice place.

Location : PSBJ (spot yang dikatakan orang angker) 

Jumat, 21 November 2014


There is the part of me, that im not feeling well, and i dont know whats wrong with my body... sure that not gimme idea with medicine what i should drink.
There is the part of me i ‘reject’ all what God gave to me, why God created me like this, why God gimme  family like this.
There is the part of my life, God show me other’s life, and i just knew im so blessed with my life. However happened in my life, im still more lucky than other’s life.
Dear God, keep my faith strong, save me in your hug very tight, i believe you love me, and make me sure to give my love always to You. Amin. 

pose terinpirasi dari uang kertas 500rupiah lama hehehe

karena kesempurnaan hanya milik Tuhan, maka jangan terlalu sedih ketika mengetahui kekuranganmu.

karena kesempurnaan hanya milik Tuhan, maka jangan terlalu sombong jika kau memiliki kelebihan, karena dibalik kelebihan itu ada kekurangan.

Minggu, 16 November 2014

Shisamo Fish at Bandung NET TV!

 good morning!
yeah so happy finally i found my interview video on nettv!!!
for the first time im featured for INDONESIA MOESLIM FASHION WEEK as comentator but i cant found that video, yeah so sad! if you found it pls tell me
for you culinary lovers, yo should taste this fish, u will not regret this is a fish, their body full of egg!!!! yeah egg fish very good for our brain as student!
full video klik by this link

Kamis, 13 November 2014


if i can wear my warbonet everyday, maybe i'll doi it.
there is the part of me, i want say to God "im tired with this life, can i die now?".
But Thanks to God too, You answer the sound from my heart... yeah the lucky things i love lot of qoutes from trusted person's and some qoute i made by my past... i wrote on my note, ill share lot of them to you, but this is not at all.
and for the pict, u can think that however we feel down, people still see you as the stuning person for some reasons, so you do not break down what they seen.

(*some sentence i wrote in Indonesian, oh hay i just think next post will write in Japanese ;) dont worry! i will mix with English too*)

i know my life will be amazing, thats why i can’t do or be ordinary.
What God give to me, that always amaze me and i awalys hope like that so.

Tuhan memberikan kita ujian karena kita sanggup melaluinya.

jatuh itu biasa, tapi untuk segera bangun dan bangkit itu hanya untuk anak muda yg smart!

jauhi godaan itu, walau sangat menarik.

mending kuper tapi sukses daripada gaul tapi hancur.

life isnt easy, thats why there is winner and ashole. we must appreciate both of them.

malas = bodoh + miskin

pendapat yang ditempel kesombongan segera diujikan.

orang pintar belum tentu bijak.

   kunci sukses : ikuti aturan main Tuhan dalam hidup ini.

jodoh dan rezeki itu ada dalam pergaulan.

Allah menyukai orang yg sabar. sabar itu ada 2 ; menunggu sambil berdoa, berupaya sambil berdoa

jika kau sudah berupaya maka tinggal serahkan hasilnya kepada Allah, Dia maha tau yang terbaik

sedekah adalah membeli apa yang kamu mau dengan caraNya.

Location : Kuburan Jembatan Cincin.

Hijabella Magazine!

My first time featured on magazine! big thanks for Hijabella Magazine! Found me on the half of page and also the cover is my fav girl! Yeahhhh Mega Iskanti Putri!!!!! #alhamdulillah @aai_official @hijabellamagz@megaiskanti

Im gonna tell you about my dream in my young age
Mybe its too hard if i want travelling to 90 countries in this wolrd, yeah u know wht is the reasons.
But i really want to visit several country, the problem is the location is far from where im... Automaticly the flight is pretty expensive for me.
The big problem i hv class everyday in my uni and in my country there is no part time job.
And i cant force my parents to give me lot of money to buy those flight cz they r not reach people.
So please buy my clothe, anykind you bought from my clothing line ill keep that money on my bank, and when the amount enough ill buy flight, ill see and touch wht i want, and for impact to you ill write something different that you never heard before. Interisting ha? Now open my small store on instagram and grab some pcs. Thanks!


Minggu, 09 November 2014

Requit Me!

Hello you there!
Yess im here!
I made this post for a friend, complete reasons you can check my instagram
 ANW I prefer enjoying picture by blog than by instagram. But as u know for fast update we need instagram obviously.

There is lot of word that im gonna talk with you, ist possible if i give good picture about art but i mix wif political article? If yess maybe im the first blogger of that.
Ya ya ya i hold my finger to write too long, cz some my fav blogger they  just write max 2 paragraph  , and me? Ahaha

Which one better you think? 

love my mr.banana tatto